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Steps To Buying A Home

  • Find the right realtor who understands your needs and is willing to work with you to find the best home available. 
  •  Contact your agent and notify him or her that you would like to visit a home.The more notice you can give, the better it is. 
  •  Sometimes, the agent for the home seller accompanies the showing.Please remember that it is their job to elicit the most money from you in the sale of that particular home. 
  •  Once you have decided to purchase a home, inform your agent.The important issues are: what price you are offering, what the offer is contingent upon (such as, but not limited to: home inspection, mortgage approval, etc.), percentage of the purchase price as a deposit, financing information, and desired closing date.A letter from your banking professional is helpful.Provide the name of an attorney you will be using for this transaction. (Referrals are available) 
  •  The agent representing you will forward your offer.This begins the negotiating process. 
  •  A price is agreed upon by all involved parties. 
  •  Schedule a home inspection if this was a contingency. 
  •  Notify your attorney and mortgage professional. 
  •  After the inspection, the transaction takes on "a life of its own".The attorneys and the mortgage person begin the paper exchange with you which will ultimately lead to the purchase of the home. 
  •  Hire a moving company. 
  •  Contact the utility company, fuel provider, phone company, cable tv, internet provider.If nearing cold weather, it is essential not to delay the fuel delivery and turning on the electric so pipes won't freeze and possibly burst.You may also contact service providers for matters such as landscaping, snow removal, pool maintenance, etc. 
  •  Show up at the closing 
  •  Move in and enjoy your new home!

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