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Katonah, N.Y.

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Having experienced a renaissance in recent years, Katonah has become a sought-after area. Katonah is part of the township of Bedford, although many of its residents feel that they have a town of their own. As you stroll through the business section of town, the abundance of artistic shops evoke the feeling of Santa Fe without the tourist crowd. Across the street is a quaint train station with a one-hour commute to Manhattan. Meticulously maintained antique Victorian homes surround the village. Much of the area’s picturesque beauty can be attributed to the well known landscapers G.S. and B.S. Olmstead.

Along with its unique personality, Katonah also claims a remarkable history. In the 1890’s, the city of New York decided to create a reservoir which would help satisfy its growing demand for water, but would unfortunately engulf the community of Katonah. Determined not to see their close-knit community be destroyed, the citizens of Katonah marshaled their resources to move their homes to a safe haven. Using large teams of horses and wood tracks, they moved approximately fifty houses to their present location in modern Katonah.

The Hamlet That Got Up and Went