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Listing Services Provided to Sellers

  • Site Review Site visit to determine attributes/condition of property.
  • Legal research Research owner information, obtain pertinent plans, covenants, restrictions from the municipality.
  • Permit research Research historical information in Town records, re building, Board of Health, Conservation Commission, etc.
  • Comparative Market Analysis Analyze current market data to determine fair market value and establish listing price with owner.
  • Goal Determination Consult with owner to determine purpose of sale and goals, review tax ramifications and counsel on available options, i.e. ? Section 1031 tax deferred exchange.
  • Staging Advice Assist Seller in preparing property for best possible physical presentation.
  • Photography All photography will be done for marketing and advertising including an aerial photo if the property location and amenities warrant.
  • Brochures Brochures include photos, plans, maps and property information, house plans as available ? distributed to prospective buyers and cooperating real estate agents.
  • Advertising Written text and placement of all paper and web advertising. Copies of all ads provided to owner.
  • Broker Cooperation Full exposure of subject property to all real estate agents.
  • Open House A Broker Open House/Reception will be held at the site to introduce the property on a more personal basis to real estate licensees. The arrangements for this are done at the most advantageous time depending on season, weather, accessibility, etc.
  • Public Open House A public open house will be held one or more times if property location warrants and when season dictates the most activity.
  • Showings Full cooperation will be offered to all agents to arrange, Seller or Buyer, showings to their prospective customers. Feedback will be provided for all showings in a timely fashion.
  • Submission Any and all offers will be submitted to you for your consideration. We will review each offer for clarity and composition.
  • Attorney If you require local counsel, we will recommend qualified attorneys to you and furnish them with the accepted offer and all related, applicable paperwork to facilitate and enable them to proceed with the sale.
  • Inspections We will arrange for any inspections/visits to the property requested by your buyer and any other contractors (building inspectors, appraisers, etc.).
  • Purchase & Sale Agreement We will work with attorneys and buyer or buyers agent to prepare and have it executed in a timely fashion.
  • Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detectors New York State Law requires that these be installed (and operable) prior to the closing.
  • Tracking/Facilitation We will monitor contract dates to ensure all parties are adhering to the original agreement.
  • Walkthrough We will schedule and accompany the buyer and their agent for the final walk through inspection.
  • Closing We will provide a Memorandum of Agreement to both attorneys in an effort to ensure all negotiated details of the transaction are included.

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